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Occupational Safety With Method

The New Quality of Work Initiative was launched in 2002 as a joint initiative of the Federal Government, the Länder, social insurance institutions, trade unions, foundations and employers and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Within the framework of the initiative, practical aids for SMEs are being developed.

The INQA company check "GDA-ORGAcheck - Arbeitsschutz mit Methode" (GDA-ORGAcheck - Occupational Health and Safety with Method) is a practical aid from the initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit (New Quality of Work) for self-assessment of the occupational health and safety organisation in SMEs. SMEs are obliged to guarantee the safety of their employees and to maintain health.
The GDA-ORGAcheck
- is a self-assessment tool for small and medium-sized enterprises to check and improve the quality of their OH&S organisation,
- offers companies the opportunity to determine their own position on occupational health and safety,
- improves the occupational health and safety organisation,
- promotes trouble-free operation and product quality and thus the competitiveness of the company,
- helps to avoid costs caused by accidents or malfunctions,
- supports the systematic implementation of risk assessment,

Within the framework of Erasmus+ projects, the applicant and the European Educational Network send an average of 250 participants (trainees in school or dual education) per year to other European countries. The participants complete internships in companies. Occupational health and safety is an important topic in the planning and implementation of stays. The partner organisations are currently examining the companies abroad for technical suitability and views of the company. During the first discussions, the topics of insurance cover and occupational health and safety are addressed and checked for correctness. The documentation takes place in a questionnaire to the first discussion for the preparation of learning stays.

The aim of the project is to translate and adapt the GDA-ORGAcheck so that it can be used for project partners abroad to examine occupational safety in companies in detail and thus ensure the safety of the participants. It should be a working aid for the project partners. In addition, the occupational health and safety regulations in the countries will be compared and an ECVET learning outcomes unit on the subject of occupational health and safety will be designed, which will be involved/tried in ongoing mobility projects of the applicant, among other things.

The project involves well-known partners from Malta, Ireland and Germany as well as two new partners from Italy and Sweden. They use their contacts to companies and test the "new GDA-ORGAcheck".

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